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BFH investment overview

Invest in Our Films

We offer qualifying investors the opportunity to take advantage of significant benefits provided by the real and approved film investment.

British Film House offers investors a rewarding equity share investment proposition due to the generous tax benefits available which are considerably more advantageous than most other industries and markets.

Investment Overview

Investing in film via buying Equity Share is exciting and offers many different benefits.
Equity Shares return is variable mainly based on the success of the film. The return is typically a minimum of 20% in 3 years on the top of the original investment.

Investment Opportunities

We are selling Between 25,000 to 48,000 Equity shares from each projects.

What is the investment for?

The principal focus of the investment is on selecting, developing, producing and securing distribution of commercial mainstream feature films with the potential for outstanding returns. We believe that investing in feature films via the British Film House is rewarding and tax efficient investment proposition.

How to invest?

We offer investors to Invest via British Film House with a slate of successful films. You will have to experience the benefits of investing in mainstream UK and international films and TV series from as little as £10,000. With up to a 45% tax relief on your investment, this is the ideal opportunity for both new and experienced investors.

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